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Special Events and Activities During the Exhibit

In addition to exhibits that will be available for everyone to see and play during all hours the exhibit is open, we will have special events and activities scheduled as specific times (see calendar  and check-in periodically for updates).

Tuesdays: Recycling Day 

Wednesdays: Math Day

Thursdays: Art Day

Fridays: Science Day

Sats and Suns: Scavenger Hunt/ Explorer Days

Schedule of Events and Activities 

Tuesdays: Recycling Day 

11am-12pm: Puppet show: Where & what to recycle 

5-6pm: Painting with recycled materials and marble drop

Wednesdays: Math Day

11am – 12pm: Art Projects in the Dark Room 

5- 6pm: Tower building competition and geometry with sticks

Thursdays: Art Day

11am-12pm: Puppet show:The Arts 

5-6pm: Dot/Cave painting 

Fridays: Science Day

11am-12pm: Art Projects in the Dark Room 

5-6pm: Parachute drop and

Sats and Suns: Scavenger Hunt/ Explorer Days

11am-12:30pm: Nintendo Racing Lab

11am-12:30pm: Scavenger hunt!